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Greek Gods
from A to Zeus

2009 | Dynamic Information Design

Visual Data Set

The Greek Gods application would be used to trace the family tree of Greek Gods and Goddesses. Each point represents a God with a dark blue line to represent their father and a maroon line to show their mother. The app will trace their roots back to Gaea (Mother Nature), and also show their descendants.

  • Heracles's Family Lineage
  • Zeus's Family Lineage
  • Zeus's Descendants
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Family Lineage

This example show's Heracles's ancestors. You could click on any highlighted point, or on the text Zeus, or Alcmena.

Family Lineage

Other options and information appear if it is relevant to the God. Zeus has descendants, therefore show offspring appears. He is also an Olympain God and that information is displayed as well.


The last example shows descendant mode. Zeus is represented by an orange dot meaning that he is an Olympian, as are some of his children.

User Simulation:
website application

This simulation shows user interaction if used on a computer. The design has been adjusted since creating this video to accomodate a mobile version, as you can see in the slideshow above.