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2010 | Senior Team Project


This was a 20 week, 8 person team project. We created a website to connect companies with social media users for the purpose of advertising.

Web Design, Photography, Video, Imagine RIT Display

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Home Page

Advertisers and Publishers must sign up for an account to be able to contact one another. The goal is to promote to the Publisher's social media following in order to benefit both parties.

Social Media Publisher:
Profile Edit Mode

This is an example of the Publisher's Profile Page. Tags and Networks are important to help with search filters. An Advertiser would view the Publisher's page if they are interested in having a review or ad published on their network.

Corporate Advertiser:
Campaign Page

The Advertiser would create a Campaign Page to attract potential Publishers. Once the connection has been made, it is up to the parties involved to settle on compensation.

Social Media Publisher:
Browse Campaigns

Here the Publisher can search through Campaigns from Advertisers and click Join Campaign to connect with the Advertiser.